Quilting Service

Welcome to the Quilting Place!

My name is Maureen and I'm passionate about quilting.  Whether you're searching for professional quilting of your own quilt tops or would love to purchase some beautiful quilted items for yourself or as gifts, look no further - I'm sure I can help!

I have many years experience in soft furnishing and quilting and I hold City & Guilds qualifications in Patchwork and Quilting from the DesignMatters centre. 

The Longarm Machine.

Quilting a large piece of work can be a real struggle on a regular domestic machine. I have imported a Gammill Classic Plus longarm machine from the USA. The longarm machine enables free motion, stylaser guided pantograph quilting and basting even on large quilts. If you have unquilted tops that just need to be beautifully quilted then I can do that for you.

It's true that a quilt isn't a quilt until it's quilted!  If you have pieced or appliqué tops waiting unfinished then 'Edge to Edge' quilting could be the perfect way to transform them.  I offer a selection of patterns with the range increasing all the time. Alternatively I can custom quilt with a vermicelli style in a scale to suit your quilt, or combine 'Edge to Edge' with custom quilting to ensure you get just the look you need.

The Options

'Edge to Edge'
This type of quilting uses an all-over design that is stitched continuously across the quilt surface. Worked from the back of the machine using a laser to guide the needle.  I offer an exciting selection of patterns to choose from.

Texas Fan is available as a 7" (small) and 13" (medium) repeat panto pattern.
It gives a regular allover appearance.

Stars and Loops is a medium scale pattern.  Each repeat is 14" high.

Vermicelli is an allover pattern available in any size to suit your particular requirements. 

Peacock Meander is a medium scale pattern.  Each repeat is 14" high.

Fire is a medium scale pattern.  Each repeat is 15" high.

Flourish is a simple medium size panto pattern each repeat is 6" high.

            Baby Curls is a light scale pattern.  Each repeat is 11" high.

Feathered Flower is a medium scale pattern.  Each repeat is 15" high.

Feathered Rose is a medium scale pattern.  Each repeat is 15" high.

Feather Meandering is a medium scale pattern.  Each repeat is 15" high.

Custom Quilting
As the name suggests, this quilting is designed individually for your quilt, perfect for when something really special is required. Custom quilting can be worked entirely freehand or a combination of Edge to Edge and Vermicelli style quilting. This cream quilt shows an example of custom quilting.

The Service
Your quilt top will be layered up with batting and backing then I will quilt your chosen design using hand guided pantograph quilting. The quilting will flow from edge to edge entirely covering the whole piece evenly adding texture and interest. Your quilt will be done using a Gammill Classic Plus machine with stitch regulation to ensure perfectly even stitch length. I can quilt small pieces right up to King size.

You will need to ensure that your quilt top is pressed flat and any stray threads are removed. If possible, square up the quilt top. Attend to any weak seams and remove any pet hair to avoid it being quilted in place! Please note that while I will do my best, it can be tough to lose fullness in the piecing and dogear corners but all care will be taken to ensure the best possible result. 

I will layer your quilt with Hobbs Polydown batting - in my opinion one of the best polyester battings available with excellent washability and draping qualities. You'll also find it's a pleasure to hand quilt should you wish to add any hand embellishment later on. If you would prefer a different batting then just let me know and I will confirm availability and price. Alternatively you may choose to supply your own favourite batting. If so, then it will need to be larger than the quilt on all sides by approximately 4".
My Hobbs Polydown is priced at £13.00 per metre. 

I will layer and baste your quilt with a backing fabric that you supply. Please ensure that if required the fabric is prewashed. All selvedges should be removed, the backing should be squared up and pressed. If you are unable to do this then just let me know and I can do it for you at a small extra cost. Backing fabric should be 4" larger than the quilt top on all four sides.

Your quilt will be stitched using excellent quality thread in a colour to meet your needs. If you require something particular just let me know. 

A neat co-ordinating binding is often the best way to complete a quilt, giving it a durable and attractive finish. 
I can bind your quilt for you.  I will either attach the binding to the front of the quilt by machine ready for you to hand finish on the reverse or I will both attach it to the front and hand stitch it to the reverse for you.
Binding preparation
You will need to provide sufficient fabric for the binding.  It can be pre-cut into two and a half inch strips or I can do this for you.  Please ensure that the binding fabric has been pre-washed if necessary and pressed.

Sending and returning your quilt
Before sending your quilt please contact me by email to check on the length of the waiting list. I aim to maintain a speedy turnaround time, but if your project is urgent do let me know and I'll do my best to get it done asap! On receipt, your quilt top, backing (and batting, if supplied) will be stored in a clean safe, non-smoking and pet free environment. When your quilt is complete, it will be returned to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery service. If your item requires additional insurance please let me know and this will be charged at cost. 
If you live nearby you're more than welcome to bring along the materials in person and have a chat over a cuppa!
All prices include thread but do not include wadding or backing.

Edge to Edge and Free motion vermicelli:

Size                                       Light quilting        Medium Quilting
Cot       - up to 40"x50"                £65                               £80
Lap       - up to 60"x70"               £80                               £95
Single   - up to 70"x90"              £100                             £125
Double - up to 80"x95"              £130                             £155
King     - up to 100"x100"          £150                             £195

Size      Attached to front only       Attached to front and hand
                                                                 finished on reverse.
Small      - up to 40"x60"       £35                             £50
Medium - up to 70"x90"        £45                             £70
Large     - up to 100"x100"    £55                             £90

If you have any questions about the service please don't hesitate to email          maureen@quiltingplace.com