Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thanks for another great DMTV programme Linda!
Yesterday's 'rusting' technique is another really simple and fun way to create unique and individual  fabrics.
I'm so pleased I found a use for the old iron bar lurking in one of our log baskets!  
I thought I'd do a very quick trial as I'm off on holiday tomorrow so I left the fabric in its vinegar and water solution overnight and it still worked really well!  Also, I had no white vinegar so I used brown!

These fat quarters are going to team up wonderfully with some of my seedhead sponge prints on hand-dyes.

For this colourful client quilt I've used 'Peacock Meandering' allover pantograph quilting on the longarm machine using a 70 weight grey thread back and front.
The pretty Batik fabric on the reverse shows up the curvy pattern.
I hope you send me a photo of the quilt complete with binding Jan!


  1. Gorgeous colours in that client quilt!. Love the layout, as well.
    Your rusted fabrics remind me of some manhole lids/covers that I have seen stashed in the neigbourhood. I could probably place some vinegar soaked fabric there for a couple of days. Hmmm - -.
    Anyway, I enjoy visiting your blog - and will be back :o)

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    1. Hi Miranne. I hope you get some exciting results from the manhole covers if you do manage to rust some fabrics using them. It sounds like a perfect opportunity to make use of! Thanks for visiting, Maureen.