Monday, 3 June 2013

I've added another fine layer of spray lacquer to this altered book double page spread.

It's helped to enhance the subtle colour palette of tealy blues and browns with a touch of soft pink.
It's also brought the best out of the stitched, stabbed and colour-highlighted page edges.

Several fine layers of lacquer have created a glass-like shine!

In contrast these leaf pages are mat with just a touch of Treasure gold sheen.  Gesso applied with a brush gives an interesting texture to the background.

I've used ink and stamps on the page above which is awaiting a pale wash to colour the background.

Bookmarks made from painted papers which have been lacquered and then laminated for durability.


  1. Marie, thank you for sharing your wonderful sketchbook work. Beautiful colors and combinations. Use of just plain old leaves is inspiring.

  2. Hi Judy. Yes, leaves are certainly amazingly inspirational and useful in so many quilting techniques. I've just posted on the blog some leaf rubbings using watercolour pencils. They will hopefully soon be quilted up into little scatter cushions.
    Bye, Maureen.