Thursday, 4 July 2013

Today's short walk around Tarascon.

Above is a black-veined white butterfly (Aporia crataegi) common in Europe and North Africa.  According to my little book it existed in southern England until the 1920s but is now extinct.

 Below is a female Pieris enjoying her Valerian lunch.
The hummingbird moth below is using his lengthy proboscis to extract his lunch.

France like England likes to plant a colourful wild flower selection along its roadsides.

Nature's colours always seem to work well together!

 The long toes of lizards really amaze me!

Now here're some interesting shapes, colours and textures!

The moth above is the sun-loving and widespread Six-spot Burnet while the one below is a Cinnabar.  Both were photographed flying in daytime.

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