Monday, 27 January 2014

I spent time over the weekend having fun using up scraps of Batik left over from cosy quilts and throws I've been making recently.

These vibrant purples and greens certainly bring some lively colour to dull and dreary January days!
I also 'harvested' another batch of rusted fabrics to add to the collection.
I love the variation of marks it's possible to create with a little time and patience. 
The stripes are achieved with rusty screws and bring to mind insect bodies!
What wonderful colours and visual texture!
Number One Tearoom in Bridgnorth (Bank Street) is in disarray during the annual redecoration process. 
We'll have all the painting done, the carpets cleaned and the textiles displayed ready for re-opening this Saturday Feb. 1st.  
The rusted fabrics above will be for sale in a cabinet along with an exciting selection of hand-dyed fabrics and threads.
Sadie is planning her menu of delicious home-made goodies and will soon be busy baking to get them ready for the big day.
And finally - a Thomas update!
He's sporting a lovely hand-knitted jacket and matching hat.

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