Sunday, 21 September 2014

Quilting Place Longarm Quilting Service.
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This is very briefly how Pantograph Quilting works:
This is a client's appliquéd top in the process of being pantograph quilted on my Gammill Longarm machine.  
As I follow the continuous line of the pantograph pattern with the laser beam the needle stitches on the other side of the machine through all 3 layers of the quilt sandwich.  This ensures equal density of quilting over the whole quilt.
The first section is quilted and then rolled on to gain access to the next section.

Using a pretty backing fabric like this small check means you get two for the price of one - just flip it over when you fancy a change!

This fun dinosaur quilt was appliquéd with love by a grandma for her lucky 5 year-old grandson.  
Isn't it adorable!

Meanwhile, isn't nature glorious :))))

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