Thursday, 4 December 2014

On my day out in Toulouse last week I visited the Musée des Augustins and was very excited by the whole experience especially as there is at the moment a temporary exhibition of works by Benjamin-Constant, a Toulousain who was fascinated by the amazing Moroccan landscape and culture.  He painted many scenes featuring romantic settings and sumptuous textiles and carpets.

The exhibition is on until Jan. 4th 2015 and is really worth a visit.

His choice of very ornate frames is amazing.  Many of them feature lovely Arabic symbols.

I had great fun trying on the Arabic costumes in the Riyad which the museum had created in a corner of one of the galleries.

The museum itself is set in a former monastery, a fascinating piece of architecture in the heart of Toulouse. 
At every turn there are statues and sculptures, 
decorative ironwork and
more amazing statues.

I didn't get to look around all of the galleries but those I did see housed breathtaking artwork. 
This nature morte/still life by Louise Moillon was one of many stunning paintings.

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