Monday, 14 May 2012

Another visit to Coalport China Museum.

As often as possible my neighbour and I  cycle along a nearby former railway track which has now been given national cycle network status.  In no time at all (because we chat all the way) we're in the heart of the collection of Ironbridge museums.  Every time we go we see something different and interesting!

One of the bottle kilns.  Isn't it a wonderful shape!

The Incline Plane was built to facilitate the movement of materials from the upper levels down to the canal and then onwards to the china works.

This family of ducks were enjoying the slightly warmer weather on their man-made island on the canal!

Items ready to be fired used to be carefully loaded into saggars which were in turn stacked into the huge kilns enabling many cups, saucers, plates, jugs, etc. to be fired at one time.
They are being produced nowadays to make lovely plant pots.

David in his workshop surrounded by the tools of his trade and works in progress.  The moulds on the steel shelving behind him are made of  plaster of Paris which gets its name from the fact that Paris or, to be more precise, Montmartre was the site where gypsum was found and used to make plaster.


There are resident potters at the Coalport centre and several displays of wonderful traditional pieces like these.


  1. Interesting!

  2. Thanks for your post Maureen. It all looks fascinating and makes me want to visit soon!