Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another lovely day!

I spent a few hours with my sister and niece waxing a selection of papers from my collection of painted papers and ephemera.

Brown paper bags and envelopes scrunched repeatedly and then flattened out leaving the creases to take applied colour work well.

When I made this paper last autumn I added dried petals from the bouquets of flowers from my son's wedding.  It created lovely flecks of colour and the waxing process has really enhanced the colours at the same time as giving the sheets a gorgeous translucent quality.
 I've cut out a selection of squares, circles and triangles in different sizes ready for using both the positive and negative in collages.

Adding coloured wax crayons during waxing can alter the appearance, giving lovely colour effects.

Stamps, labels, tickets, serviettes, tissue paper, copy paper, photographs, leaves - all worth trying to see the results!

I think I have enough materials now to last me for a while!

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