Friday, 1 June 2012

My latest quilt - work in progress.

The multi-coloured hand dyed fabric was the inspiration along with a vase of grasses I had in my kitchen.  The inset pieced borders are hand dyes made up into railfence blocks.  The background is densely quilted with a range of free motion stitching in deep pink and yellow thread to enhance the colours of the background fabric.  I've used Jacquard Lumiere halo blue gold fabric paint for the grasses.  It's the perfect choice for grasses as it 'splits' during application and creates a range of values depending on whether it's applied straight from the bottle or diluted with water.

The dark line of paint colour on the outer edges of some of the grasses is due to the addition of water causing the paint to 'split' and send the dark blue to the outer limits of the painted area of fabric.

The vase will be highlighted with Markal Painstik to make it stand out more and to give it form.

At the moment I'm working on the hand stitching between the grasses.

Hopefully this quilt will appear on my 'Items for Sale' page in the not too distant future!

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