Friday, 10 May 2013

Waiting for his turn to perform.

Our hero Rafael taking a break from preparing the local lamb for the menu du jour a midi!
Merens horses with their riders get in place for a display of their skills.


Explanation and demonstration of how the shepherd and his sheepdog go about their work.

Well camouflaged in front of his van!

Local produce for sale.
On the left, Hypocras, an apéritif made in Tarascon, often used in cooking.

Hat, glasses, tie and, just out of shot, personalised clogs all made of wood!   
Intertwined chain links expertly made from one length of wood.

This year's new garlic from the Tarn.

One of our local musicians!

Danse folklorique in full swing.

We had a front row seat again to view the day's 'spectacles'.
Right next to the buvette and barbecue area for regular refreshment.  Lunch was barbecued local lamb with frites followed by crustade aux pommes including a drink and all for 8 euros!


  1. Lovely photos, hope you left the ferrets there! Ange x

  2. Hi Ange. My pockets were too small to hide any little furry things! See you soon, Maureen.