Saturday, 11 May 2013

This is the gorgeous little church at Barri d'en Haut near Tarascon 
A  herd of cows a short walk above the village.


According to my reference book this could be a Burnt Orchid.

This could be a Fragrant Orchid.

Looking back at our climb towards the Col d'Ussat.

What a beautiful leaf!


  1. Hi Maureen.

    I feel quite envious. It all looks so authentic and enjoyable. Please can I have a portion of Magret de Canard? I cook it here but it never tastes quite the same as your's in Tarascon!

    Enjoy the rest of your visit - i bet the month has just flown by!

    Love Linda

    1. Hi Linda. I can't believe how quickly the time has fled by either!
      Poulet roti for lunch today with locally grown veg. and then a selection of cheeses followed by croustade aux pommes and ice cream.
      Must get out on the vélo when I get back to Shropshire!