Sunday, 29 September 2013

This morning I prepared another batch of rusted fabrics to add to the collection.  I try to keep some 'on the go' all the time as it's quite a lengthy technique especially as I often re-rust the pieces a second or even third time if they need more detail or depth of colour.

Elastic bands help to keep the fabric in contact with the object so the rust transfers easily.  Even better, thread can be used to secure the fabric around the rusted object and thus gets 'rusted' at the same time - ideal for hand stitching to create a co-ordinated look.

The more this technique is done, the more you learn how to control the mark-making and achieve the results you're after.

Above I've created linear marks by folding the fabric into pleats on a rusted bar.

The rusted pieces are going to work well in combination with these discharged pieces sharing a similar colour palette.  I've used bleach on a closely woven black cotton fabric to get the rich colours.

This is my next client quilt loaded and ready for quilting on the longarm.  It's a Celtic style 'snake' appliqué design and is going to get free motion snake-like vermicelli stitching.

Here's the final batch of an order of Laura and Jamie's 'Fingerprint' fabrics which have been printed ready for making up into gorgeous silk hankies in a selection of 24 designs.

Today's batch of damson and plum jam is the last one for this year.

And a Thomas update.
Wearing a pair of bootees made by my lovely neighbour Olga in France.  Merci beaucoup Olga!
Here he is having a chuckle in the Jungle gym!

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