Sunday, 13 October 2013

A simple, quick and easy patchwork quilt in a day -
 albeit a small one - 36" x 36" when finished. 
An ideal project for when time is in short supply.
I've just made two for 'new baby' gifts!
I've used Batiks in this instance - 8 strips of 4 and a half inch by 34 inch for the main body of the quilt plus a strip of 4 and a half inch for a border.  The binding is cut 2 inches wide, attached to the front by machine then hand-finished on the reverse.

First sew the strips together lengthwise.

Cut across the pieced strips to make 4 and a half inch strips of squares.

Turn the strips to alternate the fabrics then sew strips together taking care to match the corners neatly.

Layer up with batting and a backing fabric then quilt it!
I've used my longarm for the stitching but as it's only a small quilt it's easy enough to do on a domestic sewing machine.  Or of course by hand if you're not in a rush!
I've chosen one of my all-time favourite edge to edge small scale panto patterns - 'Peacock Meander'.  Its flowing curves contrast beautifully with the angles of the pieced squares.
And a Thomas update!

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