Saturday, 9 November 2013

I've been making good use of some monoprints I did some time ago onto one of my favourite hand-dyed fabric colours made by mixing blackcurrant and golden yellow.  For the stitching I've used my recent bargain purchases of heavyweight 'jeans' thread to create a bold mark.

This shoulder bag started off like the monoprint of my trainer sole on the right.  On the bag I've used hand quilting to give relief to the sole itself and machine quilting for the background.

Similarly for the hand print I've used hand quilting on and around the hand itself to give relief and then filled in the background with machine quilting.

On this monoprint I stamped the lettering at Laura's recent 'Sunday School' workshop focussing on the use of text.  I've used Linda's recent DMTV programme idea of 'wrapping' text in stitch to emphasise the letters.  Here again the heavyweight black and caramel coloured threads have worked well both for the hand and the machine quilting.
This walking camouflage seen in Ornolac today turned out to be the lovely M. Bazy in disguise!
Still working hard at 88 years old!

Further up the mountain, above Ornolac, is Barri d'en Haut with its pretty church and majestic mountains in the background.

This is one of its stunning stained glass windows.

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