Monday, 28 October 2013

Nearby Saurat hosted a small marché aux puces pour couturiers yesterday.  It was a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon.

The setting was magnificent.

The weather was glorious.
And the event was well-supported by the locals.

This cute café in the main street looks like it needs a new owner to give it a little TLC.  

I was really pleased with my few purchases - some cones of extra thick 'jeans' thread at a bargain price and some gorgeous little previously loved and very comfortable brass thimbles.
I'm planning to use the threads in combination with some I've recently hand-dyed using walnut hulls.
The 'flesh' of the walnuts is heading for a Roquefort salad.

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  1. Oh Maureen you're doing your best to make us envious!! It all looks wonderful and I wish I was there to enjoy it with you. I think you may have ambitions about that lovely cafe!! Looks very tempting.