Friday, 28 March 2014

Enfin, back in the mountains!
The Pyrenees are beautifully warm and sunny at the moment but quite cold once the sun goes down.

Last week of course was Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch
at the NEC where we had a great time as always.
Here's the Linda and Laura Kemshall stand - isn't it looking amazing!

Being a passionnée of the film I really enjoyed seeing these costumes from Les Misérables 'in the flesh'.

These traditional Palestinian costumes showcase gorgeous embroidery.  The collection belongs to Yasser Barakat.

'Hands up for Uganda' is a charity which raises money to help finance worthwhile projects in Uganda.  
This garment has been made from barkcloth with pretty cowrie shell embellishment.

These textile books are certainly on a grand scale!
Colourful and tempting stands were in profusion.  These are stands of threads of many gorgeous hues.

I love the range of handmade goodies on the Aid for Burma stand.  The circular welcome mats are beautifully made and a lovely idea to make your visitors feel wanted!

And a Thomas update!

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