Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What a great day for doing the washing!

And for a walk to Ussat - and beyond ..............
Recent tree felling has provided an ideal seating area for a rest near the river bank in Ussat les Bains.

I carried on a little further to Ornolac.
The colourful markings on the cliff face beyond the orchard are fascinating.  It's actually some distance away from where I was standing, alongside the main road to Andorra.

I carried on still further & noticed this lovely little house newly up for sale in Barri d'en Bas.

It is in fact not so small when viewed from around the side - 4 bedrooms according the lady next door!

Plenty of beautifully marked lizards were out basking in the sunshine.
The tap on this lavoir is magnificent although difficult to see as it's camouflaged agains the rock wall!

A little seating area has been recently added in the jardin du M. Carbonne (former mayor of Ussat).

Colourful blossom looks gorgeous in the sunshine.

Although I spotted swallowtails, brimstones, orange tips, whites, small blues and browns this Peacock was the only papillion willing to be photographed today.
And this was the best I could do to photograph one of our local Egyptian vultures (Vautour Percnoptere).  It is one honestly!

This is the little square in Barri d'en Bas with its quaint houses and pretty trees and benches to sit on to take in the mountain views.

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