Saturday, 15 November 2014

It was well worth getting lost on a walk to La Chapelle de Saint Paul d'Arnave this week because the views we 'fell' upon along the way were spectacular!

After backtracking from the peaks above Tarascon sur Ariege we finally found the correct path to our destination, the beautiful little 11th century chapel perched high up above the pretty little village of Arnave which is on the Route des Corniches between Bompas and Lordat.
It's in a gorgeous location ideal for a picnic especially on a warm and sunny day in November.
Inside is quite small and cute with fascinating designs carved into the stone. 

The archway of the ancient doorway boasts interesting geometric patterns.

The lizards were enjoying basking on the warm stones in the heat of the lovely autumn sunshine.
Finding the way back to Place Garrigou was relatively simple with plenty of time to look at the gorgeous undergrowth with its lichens and fungi.

It's a really enjoyable, not too strenuous walk and takes around 90 mins each way from Place Garrigou, Tarascon sur Ariege.

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