Saturday, 20 October 2012

 During this week's flying visit to London I managed a quick look in the V&A museum and found the Tristan quilt on display (room 9 in the Medieval section).  It's difficult to photograph through the highly reflective glass but the quilting is nevertheless a joy to behold!
 This huge bed cover was made in the late 14th. century and depicts episodes of the adventures of Tristan, one of the heroes of medieval romance literature.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The calm, elegant exterior of the Royal Albert Hall gave no hint yesterday of what was about to happen within.  
Several small posters next to the entrance and the unusually high percentage of French people in the vicinity gave a clue as to the evening's entertainment.
It was a colourful night!
Johnny était magnifique comme il l'est toujours!
Quelle soirée -Bravo Johnny et toute l'équipe!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

 This counterpane (50" x 50"approx.) has calico front and back, a lightweight cotton batting and matching thread.

I did it as a test piece for the work in progress queen-sized bed quilt below.

 I used a Frixion pen to mark out the design.  The marks are erased by heat once the stitching is complete.

This is my first baby quilt for Amelie.  Bright and cheerful!
 I've used a lovely Longarm panto pattern called 'Texas Fan' in a 7" repeat.
 It's look good on the reverse too!