Sunday, 31 August 2014

So, back in the UK - where did August go???

The weather was clement so I made time to go for a walk today to see what's been happening here while I was over in the Ariege.

These felled trees in tidy piles in front of Apley Hall not only have a gorgeous variation of bark textures

but also a wonderful selection of patterns where they've been sawn.

An apple?

A leaf with its stem and veins (to the right of centre)?

Such interesting and contrasting marks!

The renovation of Linley bridge over the River Severn is nearing completion.  

It's going to look very smart once the scaffolding is removed!

The foliage and berries along the lane are lush and gleaming,

the enormous trees are looking as magnificent as ever

and pretty seedheads are starting to appear.

This inquisitive young bullock seems happy enough munching on the still succulent grass.

I love the bright red and amazing shapes of these hedgerow hips.

I came upon this puss cat, enjoying hunting in the undergrowth.

Shropshire certainly is a lovely part of the world to live in!

Especially here on the Apley Hall Estate!