Sunday, 7 May 2017

'The Blue Quilt'
A family affair!
Fabrics hand-dyed or digitally printed by my niece Laura.
Re-arranging railfence piecing by my sister Linda.
Longarm quilted by myself.

Stars and loops pantograph quilting pattern in a 7" repeat.

Quilting-in-progress on my Gammill Longarm.

Quick and Easy Echo quilted leaf print cushion.  I've used a layer of red fine tulle to give a warm glow to the white fabric beneath and a pretty decorative machine stitch to frame the motifs.

Here I've made a leaf stencil and positioned it on black fabric then discharged the colour with a fine spray of bleach.  In this instance it's given a pleasing pale cream colour.  For the hand stitching I've used a cream Madeira Lana thread to make a bold mark against the black background.  The motif is to be echo quilted several times and then the background will be closely stitched to flatten it, making the motif stand out in relief.  The leaf shape will then probably need to have some 'veins' stitched to avoid any 'bagginess' in that area.

And the Batik Tumbling Blocks piece is growing slowly!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Another UFO completed!

Hand dyed fabric, screen printed lizard with 'beady' eyes and stitched nostrils, sprayed and stencilled text.

Hand stitching in Madeira Lana thread to accentuate some of the lettering.

Vertical machine quilting in a variegated thread.

Beady eyes and hand stitching in Madeira Lana thread along his back and for his nostrils.