Monday, 21 April 2014

More quilted apron pockets ..........

Aren't dried leaves gorgeous!

 I cut out a simple leaf shape to work with,

did some tests on paper using a Markal paintstik

then moved on to 'pocket sized' pieces of fabric.

This version is machine quilted using a heavyweight jeans thread for the motif.

This version is being hand quilted using a variegated Madeira Lana thread.

I'm using a strong traditional binding to finish off the edges of these pockets to ensure they last!

This version is machine quilted in a black heavyweight thread to help define the outline of the shape

and I've used green fabric paint on the stem and veins of the leaf.
This one's for me - big lizard pocket in purples of course!

After watching this week's DMTV programme I decided to give the frosted effect to this hand and machine quilted piece I did a while back.  It's turned out rather well - thanks for the technique reminder Laura!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Skiing in the warm sunshine of Andorra.
There's still plenty of snow on the Gran Valira pistes for holidaymakers at the moment. 
The main street of Pas de la Casa may not look very picturesque but the backdrop isn't too bad and its plentiful shops offer a good choice of tax-free goodies! 
The church in the very pretty village of Verdun near Les Cabannes in the Ariege certainly is picturesque.  The mountain range behind is home to a bearded vulture's nest.  It's also a climbers paradise.

The traditional houses in the village are quaint

and the scenery is spectacular.

Doesn't a blue sky make the colours of foliage stand out beautifully!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

'Waste not, want not.'
Quilted apron pockets.
This is a quilted pocket I made out of leftover Markal paintstik prints years ago.  Quilting gives substance to the pocket so it's not just floppy on the front of the apron.  It's ideal for the sturdy black fabric I've used for the apron & I'm sure it's going to last forever!

So when I was sorting out my workroom and came across all sorts of prints made as test pieces I thought I'd see if I could make use of some of them as quilted apron pockets.
Although the scissor print above (made with a heat-mouldable print block) lacks contrast, it's easily brought to life once it's quilted and painted as below.

I've used gold Lumiere fabric paint
and tried out decorative machine stitches around the outside edges.

I found this leaf stencil on rusted fabric done using Markal paintstik and I've echo stitched by machine and finished off with gold Lumiere fabric paint again.
The thread is a heavy-weight jeans thread I came across at a local marché last autumn.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

This is another of my favourite seats when I'm out walking - there are quite a few!  It's great to spend time here with binoculars and camera watching the birds, butterflies, lizards and occasional snakes.  
It's in the little jardin Pierre Carbonne which was created to commemorate the bicentenary of the French Revolution.

Things are looking fresh and green at the moment.
And there's lots of stunning colour around too.


Lovely markings!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

It's a hairy single track road with not many passing places and lots of hairpin bends which leads to the spectacular traditional mountain village of Lapege near Tarascon but it's well worth putting the car through the test to get there - and the driver! 

The village is perched very high on the mountainside looking towards the peaks on the border with Andorra.

This cabanne on legs of stones and facing south was for drying maize.

Even corrugated sheets look amazing against the spectacular backdrop.

'Eros', trying to keep out of the sun.

The church can only be reached on foot.  It's certainly a cemetiere with a view!

The rooftops and mountains in the background are quite a distance away across the valley.

Beautiful aged wood mixed with stone.

There're some wonderful walks along the mountainside to reach nearby villages.

We climbed up a well-worn cobbled path then carried on to a ridge above the village.

There was so much to look at!

And we were on the same level as a dozen or so magnificent 'vautours fauves'.

Pretty spring blossom.

In the distance - the ruins of Miglos chateau.
Water is plentiful and quite delicious!

It's such a pretty place, these are just a few of around 350 photos I took of the village alone!