Sunday, 29 June 2014

Inspired by this week's DMTV demo where Linda shows different techniques using just one stencil I got out some of my favourite dried leaves to use as motifs, cut out a stencil and did trials on paper to see if the shapes were suitable for what I had in mind.

Here's the stencil with the first version above - using a decolourant which removes the colour of the fabric when it's ironed - just like magic!

Above I've used red and brown Markal Paintstiks on hand dyed fabric and then cut out the shapes in painted bondaweb and applied them to fabric.

Here I've used brown and red Markal on the top version and red Pébéo fabric paint applied with a sponge on the bottom one, both on calico fabric.

For these Batik and calico strips I've used the stencil to get an outline of the shapes with a fabric pen so that I'll be able to stitch  them and then apply paint after quilting.


Markal Paintstiks on hand-dyed fabric.

Markal on calico.

Above I've joined 5 strips ready to trim and add a narrow black border to make a quilted wallhanging.

3 strip version.  I've used Jacquard metallic gold fabric paint for the motifs on the strip on the left, decolourant in the centre and Markal on the right.

This is a 2 strip version which I've made into a square by adding  narrow strips of fabric top and bottom.  I've started quilting it to make a cushion.

I've used a heavy weight black thread to stitch by machine on the Batik fabric ........
and by hand on the hand-dyed fabric.
I'll probably echo stitch the motifs, free motion quilt the background and then add some paint to finish off -  SUCH  FUN!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Last night's festivities in Place Garrigou began with a demonstration of Portuguese traditional dance and music.  Here's the gang waiting to begin.

The music and dancing was amazing - such energy and passion!

Then the feu was lit - quite close to the trees, as usual!

The band played until 1.30 am starting off of course with 'Allumez le Feu' (Johnny Hallyday) then the music veered between traditional French accordion music, Hip-Hop, current pop hits, sambas and tangos, etc.  Something for everyone!
I'm not complaining, I do enjoy loud music, but our windows were actually vibrating!
Bright & early this morning, around 7 am, the cyclists and their supporters were swarming ready for the départ alongside the river.
There are 3 routes/levels of difficulty - L'Ariegoise (165.5 km), La Mountagnole (103 km) and La Passejade (73.5km).
L'Ariegeoise rises 3,558 metres and finishes after a tortuous route up to the Plateau de Beille ski station.  The temperature today is rising to 32 degs!
This year is the 20th anniversaire of the Ariegeoise and there are in fact 5,500 cyclists taking part!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Meanwhile ......... back in Tarascon sur Ariege, 
Rue Naugé is looking very colourful this evening.

Tomorrow sees L'Ariegeoise cycle race with well over
4,000 brave participants.  The départ is early in the morning from alongside the river and the arrivée is here in Place Garrigou in the medieval part of town.
The merchandise stands are in the Foraille with Tour St. Michel in the background.

Some of the ancient townhouses of Place Garrigou can be seen on the left side of the photo.
 Mont Sédour (with its Egyptian vulture's nest!) is in the background.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!

Don't look so worried, we'll help you blow out the candle and eat the birthday cake!

Many, many thanks to everyone for your generous gifts!
We all had a great day!

I've been working on some of the many UFOs which have been lurking in my workroom for far too long.
This one is a needle-turned appliqué cushion cover.  I've echoed the motif with 5 circuits of a straight machine stitch and a final circuit of a pretty decorative machine stitch.
I've used a deep purple thread and a small scale decorative stitch which shows up well against the patterned Batik top fabric.
Just some FM background quilting now to finish it off.

I sampled the machine's range of stitches in different threads to see which was best for the job.

It seems a shame not to make use of samples like these.

even if the stitches aren't exactly perfect!

so I often use them as apron pockets or square them up to make up into little hanging pockets.

Pop in a small perfume or favourite moisturiser or shower get to make a lovely gift!