Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's wonderful to see butterflies still soaking up the sun in November.
Sunlight shines through the delicate wings highlighting the markings beautifully.

I haven't yet checked my birdspotting book to identify this magnificent rapace dominating the skies overhead.

These lizzards basking in the sun have fascinating markings too.  
I love the neutral colour palette of the background rocks and lichen.

While I was capturing these stunning autumn colours I heard a rustling and this blue-eyed beauty appeared out of the foliage!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Another warm and sunny day in Tarascon sur Ariege.
Nature works its wonders with yellowing leaves against a cloudless sky and delicate-looking fluffy seedheads!
Sunshine shining through these ivy leaves highlights the veins beautifully.
Very tidy tiny ivy!

 One of the views from 'my' bench along the chemin des papillons.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

 I've been trying out my new camera this week in lots of lovely locations in the Ariege.  The crisp shadow of this pretty crocus would make an ideal stencil for a quilt design, wouldn't it!  The photo was taken going along in the car, up a steep and bumpy mountain road towards Roquefixade.
Below - from Roquefixade looking across the valley towards Les Monts d'Olmes.  

Above - the gorgeous view from Le Col de Port looking south towards Tarascon sur Ariege.

 The pretty church in the main square at Massat has some stunning stained glass windows.

There's a sprinkling of snow on the peaks beyond Plateau de Beille but not on the plateau itself yet so cross-country skiers will have to wait a while longer!

 Below - looking down into the River Ariege from le Pont du Diable, between Tarascon and the turning for St. Paul de Jarrat.

Another lovely door!

On the rock in the middle of this lake at the Port de Lers is a cormorant waiting to dive for his dinner.