Sunday, 30 December 2012

I've been making the most of the Christmas break to complete some UFO's.
This is another 'Cosy Quilt' to add to the collection.  It's 50"x50" approx. and features 16  crazy blocks in hand dyed fabric.  The panto quilting pattern is in a bright pink thread to create a visual link to the pink in the central blocks.

Basting to hold the layers in place while hand stitching.
I've used DesignMatters compressed sponge and Laura's poppy seedhead shapes for this simple cushion design.   The gorgeous visual texture is created by the airholes in the sponge.  A fine calico fabric, Madeira variegated Lana thread, a touch of copper sparkle thread and a ' frame' in rayon satin stitch work well together.  

Saturday, 1 December 2012

I did manage to get some stitching done during this latest stay in the Ariege!

I used a piece of folded paper to cut out a stencil of a simple motif for the central design of this cushion and then used it with red and gold paintstiks on black fabric.  A layer of fine red tulle enhanced and harmonized the colour palette at the same time as adding substance and extra texture.   For the first circuits of echo stitching around the motif  I used quite a heavyweight hand dyed thread and for the outer circuits I used a pale Lana thread (part of the Madeira Linda and Laura collection) to ensure the shape showed up well against the dark background.  Closely worked machine free motion vermicelli in black along with hand-dyed variegated thread tassels at the corners finish it off nicely.

Another simple stencil, this time cut following the shape of a leaf from the banks of the River Ariege, makes the central design, again using paintsticks. The red tulle layer enhances the colours and machine stitched echo quilting in dark variegated thread shows up well against the terracotta coloured central square.  One circuit of hand stitched pale Lana thread (available from the DesignMatters online store) and a final circuit of machine satin stitch gives a solid outline to the shape.  Lana hand stitched 'veins' and tiny bead 'droplets' provide a pretty embellishment for the leaf.

I've used DesignMatters wonderful compressed sponge (available from the DM website store) as a printing tool to create a motif for above.  The mix of gold and black fabric paint contrasts well against the bright red background and although it looks very basic in this initial state, the stitching to come will totally transform the whole thing!  It will become a bag in due course.

OK Merens horse, so do you find it all funny or is that a yawn of boredom?