Tuesday, 8 April 2014

It's a hairy single track road with not many passing places and lots of hairpin bends which leads to the spectacular traditional mountain village of Lapege near Tarascon but it's well worth putting the car through the test to get there - and the driver! 

The village is perched very high on the mountainside looking towards the peaks on the border with Andorra.

This cabanne on legs of stones and facing south was for drying maize.

Even corrugated sheets look amazing against the spectacular backdrop.

'Eros', trying to keep out of the sun.

The church can only be reached on foot.  It's certainly a cemetiere with a view!

The rooftops and mountains in the background are quite a distance away across the valley.

Beautiful aged wood mixed with stone.

There're some wonderful walks along the mountainside to reach nearby villages.

We climbed up a well-worn cobbled path then carried on to a ridge above the village.

There was so much to look at!

And we were on the same level as a dozen or so magnificent 'vautours fauves'.

Pretty spring blossom.

In the distance - the ruins of Miglos chateau.
Water is plentiful and quite delicious!

It's such a pretty place, these are just a few of around 350 photos I took of the village alone!

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