Wednesday, 16 April 2014

'Waste not, want not.'
Quilted apron pockets.
This is a quilted pocket I made out of leftover Markal paintstik prints years ago.  Quilting gives substance to the pocket so it's not just floppy on the front of the apron.  It's ideal for the sturdy black fabric I've used for the apron & I'm sure it's going to last forever!

So when I was sorting out my workroom and came across all sorts of prints made as test pieces I thought I'd see if I could make use of some of them as quilted apron pockets.
Although the scissor print above (made with a heat-mouldable print block) lacks contrast, it's easily brought to life once it's quilted and painted as below.

I've used gold Lumiere fabric paint
and tried out decorative machine stitches around the outside edges.

I found this leaf stencil on rusted fabric done using Markal paintstik and I've echo stitched by machine and finished off with gold Lumiere fabric paint again.
The thread is a heavy-weight jeans thread I came across at a local marché last autumn.

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